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Provides comfort from glare

American Window Tint uses a retrofit product installed directly to the interior side of the glass. It helps correct temperature imbalances, and it deflects uncomfortable glare reducing eye strain that is common while doing paperwork or working on a computer. Employees are more comfortable and more productive.


Window tinting saves energy

The window film used can reject up to 79% of the incoming solar energy, reducing you electric bills, and, with 99% ultraviolet rejection, fading of interiors will be reduced and furniture will last longer. a small investment to protect your big investments!


Tinting beautifies windows

With easy maintenance. From the inside, window tinting has a pleasant, glare free view, and it has a uniform appearance that complements the building's design. Window tinting is available in a range of designer shades, including neutral, and scratch-resistant, keeping the film looking as new as the day it was installed. 


A warranty that lasts

American Window Tint offers a lifetime warrenty on all products. So you get the peace of mind knowing that you're going to be taken care of in the event you have a problem. "Beav" has stood behind his work and products he installs for 30 years, so you know you can count on American Window Tint. Give Beav a call Today!


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Katy, TX 77450
Phone: 281-829-2022


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